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Our New Brand Direction & Why We Did It

CLTN 17 Staff

Gather around, it's story time.

When we launched the brand, we said we wanted to be transparent to our friends and customers - to the Coalition. We want to stay true to that, so we're going to let you in on why we're changing and renewing our brand direction.

CLTN 17 (then, CO17 Apparel) launched end of September 2017 with 3 heads. Approaching mid-December, we're down to 2. Though it's a story I'm sure many have heard in some way, it's never a joy to experience. 

As most things do, this too began with an idea. An idea to re-launch a close family members old clothing line in collaboration with a new brand excited to capture creative yet minimal artwork on garment. Time went by, disagreements were had, words were shared. Struggling to keep up after Season 1 - our first collection - we'd realized that being family, doesn't necessarily mean good partnership.. at all. Different ideas, different objectives, too many differences..

It was around this time that work began on designing the next collection, and I was lucky enough to receive some excellent feedback and constructive criticism through several channels and relationships. The feedback that really stuck with me the most was concerning my brand look and direction. Essentially, it was missing. You know, a strong identifiable logo brand with an original aesthetic. 

After being in a block for a while, I decided to take a step (or 3..) back and really meditate. I wanted to embody my personality into my designs. Though I genuinely loved the designs featured in Season 1, they weren' They were largely to compliment the direction of my brothers brand. This is what lead to the new look and direction behind CLTN 17. It's me - simplicity, mildly creative. This is what inspires us. Become a member of the CLTN.

Coalition - League - Alliance.

Space - Illusion - Seventeen.

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